A program for new and seasoned online influencers who know if they’re gonna grow a legit online business — they’ve gotta build it on more than just Instagram

Start building a high-traffic blog and profitable email list


"I know I'm meant for more than this..."

But I get it — you’re busy! The last thing you need is “just one more thing” when you’re already thinking about #AllTheThings like... media kits, scoring brand deals, responding to DMs, creating content... You’ve been busting your butt. But if I could help you skip the “busy-ness” of #AllTheThings Syndrome and tell you the ONE THING to ensure your biz has endless money-making potential, it’s this:

Stop neglecting your blog and email list because you’re busy optimizing social media!

Once upon a time, I didn’t realize how important they were either. But YEP! They’re the two most important “must-do’s” that offer the most bang-for-your-buck when it comes to creating passive income and building an actual online empire (even a mini one). You know, like a biz that doesn’t fall to shambles if Instagram goes down for the fourth time this year.😦 And there’s a way to do it.

Put your iPhone down, your right hand up and repeat after me: 

“I solemnly swore to myself that I’d stop referring to my online brand as “a side hustle,” finally quit my 9-5… and make my business / life / travel dreams come true. But 2019 is almost over and…halp! 🤷‍♀️

Or maybe you’re a full time influencer and this is you instead:

** Opens up Insta app. Watches INSERT FAVE INFLUENCER level up again, hit one of those 6 and multi 6-figure years you keep hearing about, sell a gazillion fill-in-the-blanks— and create bigger impact for her audience. **

You think to yourself...

Heck yes, that should be you!  

The only difference between you and her is she’s doing something you’re not (‘til now)...

  • No longer stressing over Instagram like its your only lifeline (and feeling secure in your biz because it's built on MORE than just rented space) 
  • Charging more for brand collabs because with your blog and email list in tow, brands say yes to higher prices  
  • Having higher quality leads who are dying to buy your course, physical products or any digital product you create down the road  
  • No longer worrying about how you gotta “land another contract soon before $$ runs out!” because your biz is about more 
  • Attracting your first 1,000 email subscribers, who are raving fans who can’t wait to hear from you  
  • Being set up to create reliable passive income with those 20 affiliate links you have no clue what to do with 
  • Becoming a more legit business owner in the online world cuz you’ve built your business on more than something an algorithm controls  
  • Seeing not 50, not 100, but thousands of blog post views on the regular for everything you write

There’s a GIANT opportunity right in front of you (but because of this one misconception in the influencer-sphere, you’re refusing to take it!)

And that’s that blogs are dead...

And email’s “not our thing.”  

What’s worse is this misconception lies to us, saying our entire business can live inside social media alone.  


Leveraging your blog traffic and email list (two things you actually own) can be the game-changer you’re looking for to make more meaningful impact and income for your biz.  

Make those your foundation...

not social media.  

OK but...

“Last time I tried WordPress, it took me months of YouTube vids to only kinda-sort-of get it…”

I gotchu! As someone who went from 0 subscribers to 30,000 raving fans in one year (then beyond that!), I’ll help you cut through the confusion. 

We'll lay the reliable foundation to:

  •  land you more brand deals  
  •  sell that future online course you’ve been thinking about  
  •  fill up that Bali retreat in 2020
  •  run not just any-ol-blog, but a high-traffic 
  •  inspire & impact more people  

All using a blog and email list where people actually subscribe — and stay interested. Yes even YOU, my gram-obsessed sister.  

Here’s what your blog and email list can do under my guidance (aside from being seen by way more ppl than your Mom)


Help you get paid more for brand collaborations (or land one to begin with!). Having trouble securing brand deals because you only have 3,000 followers? When you tell a brand you have a blog and engaged email list, their eyes light up. And if you’re having no problem lining up dream partnerships, having a blog and email list will allow you to ask for more money. Which means you can finally unwind after a collab, rather than scramble for the next one! 


Put your career in YOUR hands — not at the mercy of a third party platform. If social media disappeared tomorrow, your career as an influencer would be, quite frankly, over. Social media’s an amazing amplifier for anything you do inside your biz, but solely relying on it… is a major risk you don’t want to take. 


Permanently excuse you from the algorithm. Want more than just the tiny percentage the algorithm “deems worthy” to read that caption you spent an hour writing? Your blog and email list are the only online spaces where you get to ensure subscribers see your content. Besides, they’ve actively signed up, handed over their email to you and asked that you pop inside their inbox! 


Get you your fans’ undivided attention (the only kind you deserve). You know how it goes. You start reading a post on insta then “ding!” someone goes live. You swipe it away on your screen, but then a DM comes in. You get wrapped up in a convo, check out your new followers from today. Ten minutes later and… whose post were you reading again? If you do it, you can bet it happens when your followers are on your posts too. But when you effectively direct fans to your blog, the only rabbit hole they go down… is an archive of all YOUR best stuff. 


Set yourself up for your first $20k launch and/or fill that retreat! As long as you’ve been keeping up with your email list, once it’s time to fill up that mastermind or start selling those organic face masks, you’ve 10x’d your chances of getting sales. I know a woman with a tiny (but mighty) email list. She literally just chatted with them via a bi-weekly email for one year, promoting nothing. Then when it came time to sell her 2 hour mini course, her people were chomping at the bit to buy. Here’s the catch — to do this, you hafta start talking to your email list now. And guess what? A teeny tiny paragraph with no bells or whistles is all you need. 

Stop wondering what’s #trending. With your blog and email list, you’re THE trend. End of sentence.

I’ve been exactly where you are, pouring every waking moment into a social grid I didn’t even own. BUT cracking the code on my blog and email list brought me success social media just couldn’t. Like helping me charge 75% more for collabs with brands like Olay, Zappos and Nature’s Way, allowing me to work with the most luxurious hotels around the world like the Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La and the Four Seasons, and being able to successfully launch and sell my first online course, growing my business to a half million in revenue. And when 90% of emails reach the correct consumer’s inbox, but less than 6% of your IG followers actually see your posts — you’ve got to understand.... 

Blogs AREN’T dead and email is the Lady Gaga of online marketing

Introducing: The Blogger Bootcamp 🎉

A comprehensive, everything-you-need-to-know course about building a profitable email list and getting crazy good blog traffic — even if you’ve tried before and only got, like, 57 views.🤷🏻‍♀️ 


By the end of this course you'll have...

  • your blog up and running! (if it isn't already)
  • methods in place that actively drive traffic while you sleep 
  • that freebie you’ve been procrastinating will be alive and kickin (finally!) 
  • proven strategies to monetize your blog and email list (hola, passive income, selling more apparel & sold out retreats! 👋) 
  • an easy peezy way of making sure you consistently show up in your fans’ inboxes (that doesn’t add a ton of extra work) 
  • everything you need to know about growing your blog using Pinterest
  • the most important pages on your blog in top shape, touting the exact words you need to have on there to land big brand deals
  • no more tech nightmares cuz I’m gonna give you the step-by-step low down for what you’ve gotta do
  • easy SEO strategies in place that drive strangers to your magic words
  • how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to build your email list (and fast)
  • a legitimate online business, no longer squished inside social media (which is not where your entire brand belongs!)
  • ... and so much more  

Build a business where you’re working smarter — not doubling down your Insta efforts

  • 30+ video trainings with me, Christina 
  • 16 email templates so when you send stuff to your list, they’ll want to read 
  • In-depth tutorials for the best blog platform, plug-ins, email software and landing page builders out there 
  • Worksheets and exercises so you’re making solid headway in growing your biz 
  • Access to a never-before-seen training: “Using Pinterest to get Traffic to your Blog” with Pinterest expert Justyn Gourdin 
  • Private FB community where I pop in daily 
  • Lifetime access to the course 

No more commenting on umpteen other blog posts to finally get one frackin’ comment. No more letting tech fear stall your email growth.  

Ready to see what your *new life* could look like?

Module #1: Establish Your Branding

Feeling insecure because your brand’s kinda all over the place? Your branding is the first factor your audience considers before deciding if they’ll opt in to your stuff. In this module, you’ll....

  • finally niche down and figure out exactly who you’re talking to 
  • how to establish your voice that makes sense with your brand
  • the 5 things you need to consider before settling on your blog's name
  • the strategy behind finding your brand's colors & fonts

Module #2: Create Your Wordpress Blog

If there was one thing that could’ve potentially kept me from launching my Wordpress blog — it was the tech! If you don't already have a site, in this module you’ll...

  • learn step-by-step how to set up your Wordpress blog and find out where to find the best, most beautiful website themes 
  • learn and implement the 6 plug-ins you hafta have for your Wordpress blog to run smoothly 
  • nail down your content pillars so you stop feeling scatter-brained 
  • learn what need to be on the most important pages of your site  
  • get the exact copy you need to have on your legal page so your site’s compliant  

Module #3: Drive Blog Traffic

Pinterest is a huge source of traffic, but if you’re not doing it right, you’re missing out on tons of obsessed fans who could be discovering you right now. And! If you’re only relying on Pinterest for blog traffic, you’re also missing out! In this module, you’ll…

  • get access to the 6-part training, 'Using Pinterest to Get Traffic to Your Blog' by Justyn Gourdin - and learn abolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about growing your traffic using Pinterest
  • learn my 5+ strategies for driving organic traffic from social media  
  • have a painless SEO strategy in place that’s actually getting strangers to your blog!  

Module #4: Set Up the Tech

PSA: most email software systems have super reliable support teams that will literally go inside and set stuff up for you if you’re stuck (hooray!). In this module, you’ll...

  • learn the ins and outs of my favorite email software (ActiveCampaign)
  • find out why email sequences, tagging, automations and segmenting are going to be game-changers for you (and what the heck they are & how they work!) 
  • get a full tour of my fave landing page builder (LeadPages) so you don’t have to figure it out alone  
  • learn how you can automate the sending of emails so that people can hear from you while you sleep

(I recommend ActiveCampaign and LeadPages, however if you want to use different platforms, the same strateges I teach in the course still apply!) 

Module #5: Create Your Freebie & Opt-In Page

Hallelujah! You’re finally gonna get that opt in you’ve been procrastinating up on your site… and attracting hott AF leads. In this module, you’ll...

  • learn my 3 validation techniques to ensure your freebie is not just another thing you create that no one signs up for  
  • get a step-by-step guide for creating your freebie
  • get a full tutorial for creating an opt in page that converts (you need these 5 things on it!)
  • find out the 4 parts of a great freebie delivery email, and get 3 email templates 
  • learn the 3 things you gotta have on your "Thank You" page
  • get an in-depth tutorial on making all of these parts work together automatically

Module #6: Drive Traffic to Your Freebie

Dontcha hate it when your freebie just sits there? Let’s get people on your list! In this module, you’ll….

  • learn how Facebook and Instagram ads to get your next 1,000 subscribers
  • get my proven techniques that will ensure your freebie’s being downloaded over & over
  • learn how to create strategic blog posts meant specifically to get people on your list
  • get tutorials on how to create banners & pop-ups that convert
  • learn what to do when your followers just aren't signing up for your freebie

Module #7: Nurture Your Email List

Learn easy ways to consistently land in your followers’ inbox without coming up with tons of new content. In this module, you’ll...

  • learn exactly what you should be sending to your list and when  
  • learn how to write the perfect welcome email, then “set it and forget it” because: automation 
  • find out the 7 different types of weekly emails you can send to your list
  • get 13 email templates 

Module #8: Monetize and Create Passive Income

Lemme guess. You’ve got 20 affiliate links but zero dollars coming in. Or maybe you’ve got big dreams of starting a clothing line or selling an online course, but you’re worried that selling to your IG audience won’t bring in enough profit. In this module, you’ll…

  • learn the top 6 streams of income you can start generating now  
  • learn how to pitch & negotiate brand collaborations with your blog and social media (and charge more)  
  • get my Advanced Pitching Strategy (no other course teaches this!) that has earned my students free stays at 5* hotels and 4 & 5-figure brand collabs 
  • Get 3 emails you can use to pitch brands, a brand collaboration tracker, 2 media kit templates and a sample contract
  • get the exact formula I use to determine how much to charge for blog posts — it’s not just about blog views ;)  
  • find out which affiliate and advertising programs you def want in on for your stream of passive income  
  • the 4 types of products YOU can create, how to decide which is right for you and my best tips for getting sales  

Aaaand you’ll get instant access to the community!

When you join The Blogger Bootcamp, you’ll have 24/7 access to our exclusive members- only Facebook group, filled with driven women like you who also want to see the world their own way and truly choose their careers.  

Our Facebook group is incredibly active with members always asking questions, sharing wins, giving advice, and offering support. 

We even have meetups from time to time...

Ready to join The Blogger Bootcamp course and community?

When you enroll today, here’s what you get:

  • 30+ video trainings with me, Christina (value, $697)  
  • 16 email templates so when you send stuff to your list, they’ll actually want to read (value, $297)  
  • In-depth tutorials for the best blog platform, plug-ins, email software and landing page builders out there (value, $347)
  • Private FB community where I pop in daily (value, $497) 
  • Access to a never-before-seen Masterclasses: “Using Pinterest to get Traffic to your Blog” with Pinterest expert Justyn Gourdin (value, $297) 
  • Worksheets and exercises so you’re making solid headway in growing your biz (value, $197) 
  • Lifetime access to the course (priceless)  

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $2332 (and that's not including bonuses!)  

But I’m giving ALL of this to you for just... 



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Need help ordering or got questions?

Send an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP  

If you don’t have a blog or email list, check yo’self — you might be thinking small…

So who am I anyway? Here’s the full spiel…

I'm a full-time travel and lifestyle Instagram influencer and blogger with an audience of almost half a million people around the world.  

I tried the traditional route of trying to create a well-rounded, happy life - and while that works well for many, it wasn’t the case for me.  

(And I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, it’s not working for you either!)  

 I hustled in New York City’s corporate Public Relations world for years, and I was freaking miserable.  

You see, I thought I chose the “correct” path. Go to university, work hard, land a good job…

But at the end of every single day, I’d leave work feeling totally uninspired and unfulfilled. I was living for the weekends and counting down the minutes until 5 p.m. every day.  


I was dreaming of traveling the world. I spent my days searching flights and researching far-off destinations, wondering how I could possibly make money by sharing what I was most passionate about. So, I did something that terrified me. Something that ended up changing EVERYTHING...

I started to strengthen my creative muscle and started to share my love for travel on Instagram.  

Through trial and error, I developed a system to grow my audience from 0 to almost 500,000 in under two years.

Then I taught thousands of women to do the same.  

After countless #wins from successful women inside my community, growing their followings to 100k and landing paid partnerships with brands like these (and many, many more)…

… I wanted to create something that said “screw you” to spasmodic social media algorithms and “hey-o!” to a thriving new pipeline for extra income and massive impact. The online businesses my students were creating were so inspiring, I just had to make sure they had tools to make them last (and grow!) until the end of time — rather than relying on Instagram (or Facebook… Or Youtube…)  

It’s The Blogger Bootcamp, and it’s gonna help you become the legitimate online brand you know, deep down, you’re meant to be.

 Here’s what other ladies have said about learning from me….  

"There are so many people out there pushing products and dangling carrots, never providing information that will be truly helpful. I appreciate your honesty, openness and providing such helpful, USEFUL info.” 

- @lovelariexo

“I have to thank you. Thank you for being so available to us. Thank you for caring & encouraging us. Not only do you provide the information, but you check up on us and provide us with even MORE information even after the course. You are amazing.” 

- @americatru

"Christina is a gem and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. She has a true entrepreneurial spirit and is a kickass businesswoman.” 

- @natalieanastasia

“I love how engaged Christina is with all of us and how she answers to all the questions we have. For anyone that had bad experiences before — yes, take a leap of faith because it’s worth it.” 

- @storiesofabrunette_

Wait. So who’s this for exactly?

The Blog & Email Bootcamp is for...

  • a newbie to the world of blogging that doesn’t know where to start  
  • someone who has their blog set up, but is struggling to drive traffic and doesn’t know where to begin with growing their email list  
  • an Instagram influencer who’s tired of relying on algorithms and wants to build an audience she “owns”

Will I get instant access?  

Yep! Once you enroll, you can start diving into all the course content right away.

I’m crazy busy! How much of a time commitment is this? You can 100% go at your own pace. 

You’ll also have lifetime access so you can go at snail speed now, then get more serious later. There are a ton of quick wins in here so even if you hop in and implement one thing this month, you’re way ahead of the game.

Do you offer refunds?  

My last course had an industry-leading <<5% refund request rate, so I’m confident you’ll see results. However, if for some reason the strategies in The Blog & Email List Bootcamp don't work for you, just show us your work within 30 days, and we'll happily refund 100% of your purchase. Please refund the full refund policy here.

I haven’t even mastered my insta feed yet. Is this course for me? YES! There’s no “correct order” to this stuff. You might even find that your blog and email list are more your jam. Fun bonus: as you grow your blog and email list, you’ll see positive results with your social media too.

I’m not thinking of launching any sort of online course, digital product or physical product. Will this still help me?  

YES! That’s just one small part of the course. The main point is - if your entire brand is built on insta, I really want to get you away from that. This course ensures that you find raving fans that actually want to hear from you and more of your stuff gets seen! It’s also going to help you up your prices with brand collabs.

I took The Influencer Bootcamp already. Should I take this too?  

SOOO 👏🏼 MUCH 👏🏼 YES 👏🏼. 

This is a completely different course that’s going to help you access untapped potential in your biz. The modules are completely different and we’ll be focused on growing your blog and email list — not Instagram for this one. It’s the perfect next step after The Influencer Bootcamp and it’ll open up more opportunities for your brand (like new avenues for income!)

I’m still living the cubicle life. Will I be able to juggle this with my 9-5? Yup! If this is you, I particularly want you in this course. 

Once your blog and email list gets going, this combo can be what really gets you outta that lifestyle you don’t love (depending on what you want to do inside the online space). Growing your blog and email list can happen faster than you think. But even if you imagine it taking a while, you need to start now so you can slowly build. And don’t worry, it doesn’t take a ton of time to stay consistent. And for the course, this will take maybe an hour each week to take in the info.  

How long do I have access to the course? Forevs, babe. :)  

This is a big investment for me. Is it worth it?  

Anything I teach is the same tried-and-true strategy that got me to where I am. 

And my guess is if you really want a freedom-based lifestyle, you’ll put in the work (that desire doesn’t go away and for me, it made me do anything!). Just follow the strategies and show up to your brand every day. If this doesn’t at least open you up to what’s possible and if (on the very rare chance), the teachings don't work for you, I have a 30 day refund policy. You can read the full refund policy here.  

The Insta Bubble’s comfy. But it can’t support all your dreams. Ready to step outside and create something greater?



3 Payments of


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Single Payment of 


Payment Logos

Need help ordering or got questions?

Send an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP  

Truth is. You’re a massive force in the online space, don’t keep your impact trapped in a grid.